Saturday, December 19, 2009


Having kept the rubberside down during the season, I figured my ass would be meeting pavement at speed in the near future. Remember it is not if you'll fall, it's when.

The most recent when was on my way to work yesterday morning. I was rapidly approaching the right hand sweeper at the bottom on the hill on 41st where it joins University Pkw. As I approached the corner I see that a sewer cap has burst and is spewing water into the intersection. Cars had been going through and creating a fine spray that had coated the pavement in black ice, bollocks. I threw a quick look over my shoulder to check for cars coming from behind, and I attempted to take the corner wide, but it was no go. Front tire pushed, and I'm sliding on my hip/shoulder/forearm faster than I can say "cocksucker". The good news is that I came away with just some bruising and abrasions. The bike took a pretty good hit as I managed to bend the steel riserbars and stem. Call me prejudiced but black ice just sucks, while clear/white ice is fantastic. The latter makes your drinks cold and helps reduce swelling when applied topically. However, the former often leads to situations where one needs to self-medicate and reduce swelling.

It seems that my sacrifice to old man winter was not well received, as he has taken it upon himself to dump a crap tonne of snow on the the mid-atlantic.

I figure that we've gotten about fifteen inches of snow, which happens to be three more inches than Canadian Hip-Hop/Reggae artist snow's debut album, there is something about a white kid from Canada toasting/chatting reggae vocals, but I digress. The snow is still falling and we may get up to 30 inches out of this storm which might be B-more's single storm record. Now I can look forward to more black ice from the typical thaw/freeze cycle that the moderate temps of Baltimore provides.


Sophia said...

dunno what you're saying about yellow snow, but it can't possibly be good. such a terribly un-pc person, this dr. k.

Axel said...

I ate it 4 times in a mile today, and then decided to walk. Between the shitty pavement and streetcar tracks all over the city, Philly's impossible without fat (maybe studded) tires in the snow. I too, however, have found solace in beer (assuming that's what you meant by self medication). Here's to Spring!

TSK said...

Great post. Heal up Dr. Kimbo.

Remember the last time I hit some ice and did snow/ice angels in the middle of 1st street? I thought it was funny until I saw the car barreling at me that you were pointing at... hahaha.

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