Saturday, June 21, 2008


Stage 4 of the Tour of Ohio was a good hard race.  Things got started shortly after the first bonus sprint when a group of nine riders slipped away.  C-Dubs, and G-mur were in a small chase group that never quite got there.  After they returned to the field, i threw an attack to try to get across to the lead group.  In doing so I brought a few other riders with (10 or so).  With representation up the road more than half the group just sat on.  After a few laps we had the leaders within 15 seconds, but then the attacks out of the chase started killed any chances of us getting across.

Late in the race, things got pretty serious with Dewey and le TSK dropping some bombs and bringing back the leaders with about 5 laps to go.  I got into sprint mode and started to find the right wheels.  I ended up in 8th place.  By far the best result I've had this year. More importantly I felt like I was racing, and had a chance to win.

The guys on the team rode their best race yet, as they were active initiating and covering moves throughout the race.

One more stage to go,and it is going to be a doozy.  The first 40 miles should be really easy, rolling terrain, but the eight finishing circuits are going to be insane.  They are 1.3 miles long, with a very steep climb, and a tight descent.  I expect to see some shake up in the GC.  Probably not in the top placings, but there are a lot of guys grouped closely from 6-20th.  If any of them have an off day it is game over.

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Glad to hear you had a good race. Good luck with your final one!

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