Monday, October 19, 2009

Some kind of happiness is measured out in miles (or lack thereof)...

Yet another Beatles song graces my blog with its presence, the title is a lyric from "Hey Bulldog". As you may guess from the title I've been enjoying my lack of miles. Lots of social events, and all around good times. Tank bought a house a few weeks back and we spent the better part of two weeks gutting the place down to brick and studs. He's finally started to frame the place out and I think I'll try to get down there to lend a hand again. There is a certain satisfaction that comes form partaking in a task that involves manual labor. At the end of the day you can often see a measurable change in the state of the project. This is a pleasing contrast to my work life where I can labor for a week and not have a damn thing to show.

I'll be getting back to riding soon as we have our first team meeting on Oct. 31st. We've got a few new riders, but the bulk of the crew for 09 is returning. It's gonna be a good year.