Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Joyful christmahanakwanzzaka to all...

Just wanted to drop in an wish you a Merry x-mass and all...

Things have been interesting here. First I got an early x-mass present.

No clue what happened there but the short story is that I'm out $500 bucks for a new rear window. Fortunately Grand-ma-ma dropped some serious loot in my stocking.

Other wise the things have been good. My sister, her husband Adam, and his parents have been here for a few days so it has been lots of eating and drinking. Good times all around. I'll be on the bike next week to try to shed the pounds.

No more updates till i get back to Ill as I'm rocking out on dial-up which is like hitting myself in the head with a tack hammer. The other good news is that i've pretty much finished the entire first draft of my dissertation. revisions thus far have been minor so i'm still on target for a Jan 31st defense.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Midwest margarita...

So over the past week we've had some spectacularly crappy weather.  There were several inches of snow, and then everyone's favorite freezing rain.  The roads were some serious shit for quite a few days there.  I fought through the poo for a few days and managed to keep the commuter upright despite the black ice.  Then the thaw came.

The roads turned into a messy bowl full of cold, slushy, salty liquid I've dubbed the midwest margarita (MM).  Instead of the usual tequila, triple sec, and citrus; you get a tasty helping of grey-water, petroleum, and bum urine (seriously, I watched some hobo piss all over the side of the library across from my apt last night).  Throw in some salt, ice, and a paper umbrella and you're set.

Oddly enough the midwest margarita has similar effects on me as the original, after a few sips I usually feel like I'm going to vomit.  Neither tequila or the MM are real alcoholic beverages, no one really wants to drink them, and tequila is really just a sporting booze to be consumed only on dares, or directly after (or during) a bike race.  Try to remember that kiddies and you'll get pretty far in this world.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Winter is here...

We got our first real snow accumulation last night, and that means as soon as I start riding again I'll be bitching an a more regular basis on how the winters here in CU suck for riding.

But...since I'm not riding (busy dissertating, and healing from minor surgery), I have to find other ways to relax.  One way is to reminisce about the lovely days of summer (and being a watermellon).

Be sure to checkout the other episodes of the Meth Minute 39, especially Mike Tyson's Brunch-Out. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Piss poor at updating...

So i've been a bit busy writing my dissertation. I'm probably about halfway done with the first draft, and am on schedule for defending on Jan. 31st. Several of the Kiddies wanted me to waste time posting here so they could waste time reading it, so here you go.

This is some crazy shit that happened in a 4-cross race. Peeps are all about ghostriding, but this is another level.

In other crazy shit, lets look at a google map showing all of the homicides that occurred during 2007 in Baltimore.

Fortunately, the area surrounding JHU is pretty safe, but I'll be sure to try to get myself oriented before I go riding the commuter bike thru certain areas.

More to come in the coming days/weeks.