Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday... you don't have cancer...yet...we think...

So I turned 31 years old today and as the title states, I don't have (the) cancer.  I've had a few suspicious moles taken off of my back in the past 6 months or so.  Let me tell you it is a lot of fun having about an inch long/ half inch wide lenticular patch of skin removed just to find out if your mole is cancerous.  Then again, having full blown cancer is no walk in the park. The labs came back and there were more "abnormal" cells than the lab would like, but it was not a definitive diagnosis of cancer.  My dermatologist told me "I don't think you are going to die, but we'd like to track you for changes." So I get to see him every six months. 

In other news, JP and Julie, friends from bling-blinghamton, got married this weekend.  It was a blast catching up with the old crew.  We shared memories of the good old days, like the time that we put JP's head thru the wall (see it was true Sophia).

Monday, July 14, 2008


This past saturday marked my return to racing.  It was the district championship crit in Hagerstown.  The course was fantastic, one technical turn, a short rise, and a headwind/false-flat drag to the line made me feel like I was back in the midwest for the summer long crit fest that is racing in the Chicago area.

The plan was to keep things together so that our sprinter Shane Kline could go for the win.  Things were aggressive early  and we had one or two guys sitting on every move.  My job was to chaperone Shane and help him move up if needed. Additionally I would lend an hand if tings got messy up front.  Here is a shot of me bringing Clay across to a break midway thru the race.  I look a bit chubby, and am suffering into the headwind.

Late in the race two Harleys and Ramon rolled off unmarked.  The gap was opening and I tried to drag Rick across.  I got within a few seconds, but could not get there.  Fortunately Rick is a hoss and was able to make the junction.  The bad news that along with Rick, I took two guys from the teams already up the road leaving Rick to do battle with three Harleys and two Artemis guys.  Yet again, we ended up stacking the odds against one of our best riders.  Rick managed to get 4th place which is nothing short of superhuman.  Shane did his job and took the field sprint for 7th.

Rick used to race pro for Navigators, and though that was a few years back he still shows that most pros are a notch above even the best amateurs.  A prime example of this occurred at the Cascade Cycling Classic this past weekend.

Yes, that is Chris Horner giving another rider a "lift" to the mountain top finish.  Click here to see more photos and a description of the above event.  I think my favorite picture is the shot with another group coming to the finish.  I'd be pissed to find out that someone literally carried another rider up the climb and handily beat me.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So it has been some time since I've posted, but I've been busy attending various wedding and bachelor party functions. The weekend of June 28th I was in lovely Rockland County, NY for JP's bachelor party. Ro-Ro works at a camp for children with mental disabilities and he was able to secure the venue for our shenanigans before the kiddies showed up. We had a mobile keg of beer and were set to have some fun.

Things went pretty much as expected.  Lots of booze was consumed, pong and flippy-cup games ensued, Shultz passed out and got sharpied, and JP vomited.  A solid performance all around.  It was a blast to catch up with the friends that I left on the east coast during my Illinois years.  

This past weekend (4th of July) I was back in the Midwest for (sober) Craig's bachelor party and wedding.  The B-party started off with some poolside beers 5 mins after I arrived at the hotel, nice.  Then we cruised to Naperville in a limo bumpin "beam me up".  We met up with the bachelorette party and had a fantastic time.

The wedding was a great time too.  Mandy (the bride) was a picture of beauty and the ceremony was really well put together.  Craig is a lucky man as Mandy is the total package, smart, caring, beautiful, funny, and has a smile that will knock you out.   The picture does not do these two justice.

More bike racing this weekend. Till then toodles.