Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Piss poor at updating...

So i've been a bit busy writing my dissertation. I'm probably about halfway done with the first draft, and am on schedule for defending on Jan. 31st. Several of the Kiddies wanted me to waste time posting here so they could waste time reading it, so here you go.

This is some crazy shit that happened in a 4-cross race. Peeps are all about ghostriding, but this is another level.

In other crazy shit, lets look at a google map showing all of the homicides that occurred during 2007 in Baltimore.

Fortunately, the area surrounding JHU is pretty safe, but I'll be sure to try to get myself oriented before I go riding the commuter bike thru certain areas.

More to come in the coming days/weeks.

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Dirty Mike said...

Start watching the wire. The best show on TV. Set in Baltimore. Also be sure to visit hampsterdamn. mjh

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