Saturday, November 17, 2007


So After staying at work 'till 7:00pm today the crew decided that the office in Urbana was the meeting place on account of Gina being back in town from Wasington (state). I needed a beer or 8. It was a fair time. The band was horrible, though they attempted to cover some really great songs. To all the highschool (college) garage bands out there here is a little hint, Lets not try to cover Hendrix or CCR right off the bat. These guys did their job really well and you are just bound to fuck it up. Forchristsake, they covered the beastie boys "fight for your right" and managed to massacre it.

So I get home and I see that the dirty has left me a nice comment refering me to his new favorite blog (aside from mine). Here is what a recent post had to say, "It's Friday Night. Time to go out, pound some PBRs, and liberate a hott or two from the clutches of a greasebag." Fantastic, this was pretty much my plan except I ended up at bunny's drinking old style with my friend Paul 'till 2AM, prophetic not so much. The kicker is that there were no more than 8 people at bunny's including the wait staff.

Aight, it is off to bed for me. Also, I'd like to announce a weekly event. I've named it the, " get Jamie Drunk on Friday nights extravaganza so that he can forget that he has to finish writing his thesis in less than a months time", for the time being. Please join me for copious amounts of PBR and old stylo to hlep drown my sorrows.


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