Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I'm not one to get too caught up in the mess that is doping in cycling, but the latest news about Kayle Leogrande has been a long time coming. Info can be found at velonews and cyclingnews and if you are interested you can read the USADA decision.  Just after winning the USA Elite crit Championship at Downer Grove, the rumors started (or continued) to fly that Kayle had been popped for doping.  In the end the test were inconclusive and he was not sanctioned.  A year later more problems cropped up.  I was at stuporweek in 2007 when he was asked to submit a doping control.  The word on the street was that he was taking something as he seemed to be a notch faster than he should be.   A few months later rumors were abound that he had admitted using EPO after being tested at superweek.  Now about a year later he's been suspended, and it seems that there was a lot of truth in those rumors.

I like the part where he says that he was targeted by USADA, frankly because he is right.  There was a bit of an uproar amongst some team directors when USADA was not at 'Toona because it had decided to go to Superweek. Now we know why.

I can understand why Rock Racing did not  suspend Kayle before USADA issued judgement, but they need to look  at the people that they now employ and the specter of doping that surounds virtually all of the team either directly or via association.  I'm all for second chances, but the parties involved have to understand that the moment you are associated with doping all of your results will be questioned wether you were clean or not. 

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