Monday, February 8, 2010

GoldenCheetah 1.3.0!!!!

To all of my bike geek friends. I'm super excited to share the release of the latest version of GoldenCheetah with you all. We've added a crap tonne of features, many of which provide functionality that many of you WKO+ users are fond of (e.g. performance manager).

If you use a powertap, SRM PCV, Garmin, iBike, or polar device to record your data please download and give it a shot. We also support WKO files so you can import your old data if you want to make the switch. We've got some really cool things in the pike too including the ability to plot data over long time periods (days, weeks, seasons) as well as an integrated tool to evaluate your aerodynamic profile (AeroLab).

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