Sunday, March 4, 2007

Snow Blower...

So I used to think that the best part of racing was getting to travel with your teammates. Hours logged in the car/hotel room certainly lead to some fond memories, but the events that transpired this weekend make me think that it is just not the same without the racing. Perhaps the fact that I was not in my typical post-race nutter phase —when I have no blood sugar and everything seems really odd to me—has skewed my view a bit, but here goes.

This weekend the Illini Cycling kiddies spent several hours in the car driving to and from races at nearby DePauw University and got in zero mins. of racing. Well, that is except for the TSK busting a hot lap (and later his nutsack) on the snow/ice covered crit course.

The RR on Saturday was canceled due to snow, but we thought the crtit might be held so we drove back the next morning. Overnight snow covered the course, but the promoter seemed determined to have the race.They even had guys with shovels, leaf blowers, and push brooms trying to get the course in a race worthy condition.

With the chance of racing looking slim we packed up and headed home in search of better weather.

Now I'm not saying that the trips were not fun. Lots of dead baby jokes etc kept the ride entertaining. Hell, Skeeter even made me spit water all over my dashboard at one point, but not racing left a void in my soul. Fortunately, my teammates helped me fill that void with pain and suffering on the afternoon group ride. Joy.

Next week we travel to Mizzou, and hopefully it will be a touch warmer there. We have an ITT on sunday, and frankly I'm gonna get my butt handed to me. There is nowhere to hide in the "race of truth" and any lack of fitness will be exposed.


John M. said...

Dude, you didn't post pics of my sweet wheelies.

At least send them to me, so I can display them in a TSK-typical narcissistic manner.

Anonymous said...

i was kinda hoping john would eat it on his top tube. one balled john i think would be alot more impressive.

Michael said...

dead baby jokes are so 2001. I'll let you have this jem.

What's worse than biting into an apple and finding a worm?

The holocaust

TSK said...

Ive been on the front page of your blog for forever.


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