Monday, October 22, 2007

The off season...

Hey all, I know it has been over half a year since my last posting (yes there was snow on the ground), thus it is high time for some updates. many of you (or the one of you that actually might read this) might wonder what sparked this sudden re-entry to the blogging world. I've had several people from back in the day get a hold of me, and I figure that this is a good way for me to to keep you all updated on the haps and the craps of my existence on this planet. One of those peeps is Dirty Mike, he's just started a blog and it will certainly be interesting. He is a mainstay of IBRC history, so kiddies respect your elders and check it out. Oh yeah, i'm also pretty bored and writing here beats writing my Thesis.

So check back (or add my rss feeds in the sidebar on the right) in the near future to hear about the exciting past few months. A lot has gone on: I raced a bunch, didn't fall down, won some tall cash, got published, went to my sisters' wedding, got a job for next year, stole a boat, and pretty much stopped riding my bike as it is now the "off season". The recap begins soon. Till then, enjoy a fine malt liquor


Kyle J said...

Bout time you up-dated this thing.... Where is the job at?

TSK said...


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