Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Holla at the Chief...

I've been down in DC the past two Fridays looking at space rocks for some experiments I'll be running, and that place is going to be a mad house today. I was on the Mall and almost very inch of the perimeter was flanked with at least one row of port-a-johns. Two million people create a lot of waste. Anyhoo, the town has Obama Fever and the only cure is overpriced booze as evidenced below.
That's right Obama has his own P-Diddy approved cocktail.

I have several friends that are attending the ceremonies today. They are all prepared to walk back to their homes in VA and MD as I have a feeling the Metro is going to grind to a halt when the masses attempt to leave.

I'll get back to catching you up on my life later, but first a picture of a sloth (two-toed).

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