Wednesday, January 20, 2010

As seen on the local listserv...

What follows is a posting and the response to a fairly innocuous question posted on the local bike racing mailing list.

On Jan 20, 11:08†am, [name removed] wrote:
> Hi.† Can anyone recommend an internist or dermatologist? †I have been
shopping for a new internist but I have an immediate need for saddle sores.†
I live in Bethesda so something close to the area would be ideal.† Thanks.

contact [name of Doctor]. he no longer rides but he enjoys that type of stuff.

Perhaps it is in my head, but I got a good chuckle. This Doctor is a pretty sick puppy if he enjoys looking at festering pustules located on some dude's taint, AKA sandbar, AKA tween etc.

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