Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'll eat up all your crackers and you licorice...

Another Sunday at the Backstretch and yet again it never fails to disappoint. As Robin the bartender said, "you never know what to expect here." Tonight there were several people that seemed to be interested in dropping lascivious tracks on the juke. We had it all, ...well MC Paul Barman was noticeably absent, but several tracks from Barry White, James Brown, and Digital Underground were all played. I'm hoping that most of my readership will recognize the title of this post as a line from The Humpty Dance, by Digital Underground. Incidentally, Tupac (AKA 2Pac, AKA that west coast rapper that got caught up in the east coast/west coast beef that also claimed the life of the notorious Biggy Smalls) was a member of of D.U. at the time that this song was released, and can be seen singing the chorus in the video. All of this music was accompanied by the lack of rhythm and horrible dancing that one could only expect in Baltimore's whitest neighborhood.

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