Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Back in the chilly midwest...

So while I was away in DC, winter finnaly showed up. It's been silly cold out with highs in the single digits. To add to the fun old man winter dropped four or so inches of snow yesterday. The warmest day forecasted in the next week is 25F, not really warm enough to clean up the back roads that we ride on. Perhaps I'll break out the MTB if we get a day that is not too cold.

The weather in Malaysia is a bit warmer, and my friend Brad just cracked a top three finish after finishing 4th in several stages at the tour of Langkawi. He's seen on the right of the picture swerving out of the way a bit.

Brad is living the dream and racing with some of the big boys of cycling. I'm curious if slipstream (formerly TIAA-CREF) will get a bid to Paris-Roubaix, it would be super cool to see some of our up and coming American riders get to do some of the real spring classics.

In other news, I've received a mostly clean bill of health from my Doctor. The meds have cleared up my lungs quite a bit, and I think I'll be easing back into training this week. The big issue was that she felt that I wasn't drinking enough, and I'm sure that a cure for that can be found at the Inn on a thursday nite.

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