Monday, February 26, 2007

Keep 'em coming...

So I've received a few guesses as to the meaning of FITB Mike. Please feel free to make these as public comments even if they are quite lewd. For example a certain Female graced my inbox with these two gems: Fuck [her] in the butt Mike, and Fun In The Bath Mike. I'll ask him if he is looking for a date.

I've also had a few people asking to connect the monikers to the respective persons, but that will have to wait till later this week, as I still need to consult with the powers that be.


Alex said...

"Frankly I'm Totally Bonked" Mike
"Fairly Intuitive Though Bonkers" Mike
"Fickle 'ittle Tiny Bunkins" Mike
"Fanny Itching Tushie Brushing" Mike
"Fish If There's Beer" Mike
"Fuck, I've TuBerculosis" Mike

TSK said...


Alex, you got like an acronym app on your computer?

said Female said...

"That if gold rust, what shall iron do?
For if a priest be foul, in whom we trust,
No wonder is a lewd man to rust."

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