Thursday, February 28, 2008

Loop-de-loops with ice cream scoops...

Sorry for the lack up updates, but work has been handing me my butt. I'm reading a lot of literature and trying to design my new experimental set-up. For those that care, I'm working on large scale impacts, specifically asteroid fragmentation. It is some pretty crazy stuff as I'm trying to run a lab experiment (cm length scales) and scale it up to asteroid impacts with lengths on the km range. I'll be at a conference in Houston next week so I'm sure I'll be bored in my hotel and update frequently. Perhaps I'll catch you all up on the past month or so.

In other news, I've been riding my bike a little more. Three days in a row in fact. I did 45 mins of tempo at a local park called lake Montebello. It is a nice paved 1 mile loop with separated bike and running lanes. A little boring and repetitive, but with only an hour or so of daylight after work it sure beats the trainer. It felt kinda like a 1-man crit, bizarre. I actually rode the 20 mins back from the park in the dark (i have lights).

Racing starts for me this weekend at Navy. I think I'm ready to rip it up as long as no one attacks in the crit and the TT is downhill with a tailwind both ways. The TT profile is here. I predict that last 2 miles are gonna hurt a lot.

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