Sunday, March 2, 2008

Back to Skoo...

So I started my racing season this weekend with some good old collegiate racing. Seeing as I'm back on teh right coast, I raced in the ACCC races hosted by Navy. Sat was a crit and Sun featured a nice long ITT.

The crit was a hard day for sure. Things started to blow up, and I tried to force the split with a Navy and VA Tech dude, but I was pretty much blown after one pull. We got brought back, the counter went and that was the move. The two guys I was with made the selection, but I'm lacking in the area or recovery, and I ended up in the second group. There were a few guys with teammates up the road so the pace started to drop as the group was pretty unmotivated. I decided that a workout was more important than a good finish and went to work at the front. I sat up (actually lead out the last lap) for the finish and ended up 12th.

The TT was a sufferfest and I never got into a good rhythm. My power numbers were pretty paltry. That said, I've not really done any threshold work thus far so I suppose I can't expect too much. For those that care I ended up 12th again.

Lastly big ups to the kids from the Hopkins team who have accepted me as one of their own despite me rocking the orange and blue. It was a good time traveling with them this weekend and I look forward to a few more trips with them. They've got a nice group of riders and some good talent. The ladies racked up a win in the A's and a 1st, 2nd's, and a 5th in the B's, while the guys got a 3rd and a 6th in the TT.

It sounds like I missed a interesting weekend in the MWCCC. Props to my old teammates D-rock (who notched one and a half wins), the TSK who was 2nd in the RR and 3rd in the Crit, and mademoiselle Cole who was 3rd in the RR.

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