Thursday, April 17, 2008

caminar de berguensa...

At the end of my ride today I experienced the dreaded double flat. I hit some piece of an automobile that was lying in the broken pavement of the bike lane I was in. This resulted in a double pinch flat and a huge gash in my front tire. Despite having a spare tube and a patch kit, I didn't think I could boot the front tire. Couple that with the fact that I was about a mile from my home I said fuggit, popped my shoes off and walked it in. This is the cycling equivalent "walk of shame" that takes place most every saturday and sunday morning on college campuses.

You may note several similarities between the two walks of shame referred to above. Clad in spandex walking around baltimore is pretty much the equivalent to walking home past the sunday morning churchgoers in a cute dress with nookie hair. My choice of footwear was also ill-suited for the trek home. I'll never understand why people insist on wearing good shoes out to the crappy campus bars. For one they hinder the walk home that night or the next day. Second, they are just bound to end up covered in dirt and various bodily fluids. Seriously, you should all start wearing your flip-flops to the bars, better for walking and you can wear then directly into the shower to wash the filth off them and your soul. But I digress.

As anyone who has performed the walk can tell you, you biggest hope is that you will not cross paths with anyone that you know on your journey. I was not so lucky as a co-worker, Emily, passed me in her car a few blocks from my house. She yelled and waved to make sure that I was properly shamed. Thankfully she didn't attempt to stop and make sure I was alright as that would have furthered the shaming.

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kerri said...

Hmmm, flip flops at the bar...yes that's a much better choice...puke on the toes is always preferable to puke on the shoes...Not to mention toes getting crushed by "that guy"/ "that girl" who thinks he/she is on dancing with the stars or Saturday Night Fever.
I think we can only advocate flip flops at the bar if you have enough drinks before you get there that you don't care about all of the above.

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