Thursday, April 10, 2008


Apparently both my livelihood (work) and pastime (cycling) are riddled with doping link.I can't wait until some professor who is all hopped up on Ritalin powns me in a competition for NSF funding.

On a completely unrelated note I went to the local "Wed. Night Worlds" last night. All in all it was a solid 3+ hour ride, with 1.5 of it being during the training race. We had a good group of 25 or so. We ended up whittling it down to 5 of us at the end. The attrition was partly due to the strength of the riders, and partly due to sketchball descending antics by our local MTB hardman Chris. I swear I was sitting on John Rowley's wheel.

The "finish" is at the top of a long uphill drag and is not marked. I tried to ask for info about the line but due to tactics or more likely oxygen debt i got no response from my group. The jump came and I was a bit flat footed. By the time I realized that this was a "sprint" and not an "attack" it was too late. I probably didn't have the legs left anyway. It was a fun ride and just the right amount of suffering.

I return to racing next weekend at the Poolesville RR. 72 miles of fun on 9 mile loop which included a 1.5 mile stretch of dirt. I can't wait. I just hope I don't break another spoke like at Michigan State last year. Then again, I'll settle for a third place finish if it takes breaking a spoke.

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John Rowely. There was a guy that took it to the top and left it there.

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