Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Keep your head up...

Remember kiddies, try not to drop your head in the middle of races. I know that when things get strung out, putting your head down is the natural reaction, but try not to, or shit like this happens.

My teammate ET did something similar at Stuporweak last year hitting a barricade at 30 per. Pieter O. From xXx racing died in a similar incident last year at Matteson. No more of this nonsense.

Big ups to all of my MW peeps that had good results this past weekend, especially C-Bach and Skeeter, who didn't grab stellar placings, but are starting to find their place at the front of the pack. Boo-hoo to le TSK who laid it down and snapped his bike in twain. I guess that is an acceptable reason for his first non-podium of the collegiate season.

As for me, I'm battling some allergy/illness shit that is leaving me pretty fatigued. I feel like poo most days on the bike, which is not helping me get into shape in the least bit.On teh plus side, I got a new bike. It is shiny and has carbon bits hanging from it. I christened her proper by riding in the rain on Sunday. Pix to follow.

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Craig Erbach said...

Ouch! looking forward to seeing the new rig and it's carbon bits

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