Monday, December 25, 2006


So the I went on a Group ride up in Irvine, CA today whit the group that Adam normally rides with. Unlike the group rides in C-U, these rides have a fairly large social component in that the rides are organized so that the rides for different ability levels meet up at a predetermined location toward the end of the ride. Today everyone met up at Rose Donuts & Cafe, and nice little spot in Newport Beach combining two of my favorite things, donuts and trophy wives. The area is super up-scale and we were passed by no less than three Lamborghini and four Ferrari automobiles during our 50 mile ride.

Apparently the fast cars and women were enough to get Super Mario to come out and sport his super cool Aqua & Sapone kit.

Grampa Munster was also on the ride

Apparently this guy is like 70+ years old and regularly hands the 35 year old guys their asses. They call me old balls, but this guy is the real deal, dinosaur balls. I hope that I'm still able to walk a flight of stairs at that age, let alone ride my bike with kids half my age. Well, I'm not too far off from the latter part at the ripe age of 30.

Santa is due to arrive soon, may he bring you a Red Ryder BB Gun so that you can shoot your eyes out and not have to read this boring drivel any longer.

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