Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Santiago Canyon...

I planned (or rather Adam planned for me) a nice long ride on my last day in SoCal. Eighty four miles with 6300 ft of climbing for good measure.

Most of the climbing was stuffed in the beginning of the ride, but the rollers along the Pacific Coast made the last thirty miles pretty tough. I also got a little lost in Irvine so I got a bonus four miles in. All in all I banged out 88 miles in 4:29:59. Not nearly the insanity that TSK has done over the past few days. That kid is not the tall "slow" kid that he'd like you all to believe. I'm just glad he is my teammate.

The ride took me through Santiago Canyon which had some awesome views which my camera phone will not do justice.

My flight to Illinois leaves at 6:45 AM PST. It'll be an early start, but it should get me home before the sun sets in the midwest. If any of you clowns are back in C-U, drop me a line and we'll ride.

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