Sunday, December 31, 2006

Public Service Announcement...

Seeing as the new year is upon us and festivities generally involve copious amounts of booze, I feel the need to bring you this public service announcement:

Friends don't let friends dial drunk.

Seriously, the damage done by drunken dialing often cannot be undone. Here is an example of the horrors that await those who don't warn their friends of the dangers ahead. Link

So please, if you are hosting a party, collect everyone's mobile if they plan on drinking, you may be held legally responsible if you don't.


Anonymous said...


amioryx said...

and friends don't let friends get caught by the police underneath the eiffel tower !!!

must have been the highlight of the evening: the sparkling lights on the eiffel tower were hugely anticlimactic, but then all of a sudden the crowd opens up, bunch of people are shouting, and a bunch of police officers are chasing down this young guy who is promptly handcuffed and taken away

happy new year !!!

Anonymous said...

It was my 21st birthday

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