Thursday, December 21, 2006

Great Circles my ass...

They tell me that the shortest distance from two points on a sphere (Earth) is along a Great Circle. Apparently the circle connecting central Illinois to San Clemente, CA passes through Atlanta, GA. WIth the Shit Storm that hit Denver, Flights were all screwed up across the nation. This is why Flying is my least favorite mode of travel. I hate being at the mercy of the weather.

Here is a little recap of my travel:

I left my pad in Champaign at 3:30 AM and headed to bloomington-Normal airport. After some work, I book a flight from Bloomington to Atlanta, GA to Los Angels, CA. Things actually went smoothly, My parents got my Voicemail and met me at LAX, and the bike arrived in as many pieces as when i packed it.

The hi-lite of the trip was while waiting form my connection in Atlanta:

A southern boy of about ten years of age calls out to his tow headed younger brother, "Bubba!, Bubba!...Get yo potato lookin self ova here!" And proceeded to drag his brother across the terminal. This was one of those moments that I had to look around to see if anyone else heard the same thing I did. I'm sure that i looked like a crazy man with an ear to ear smile.

In the end I arrived with enough time to get in a quick ride down to the coast and out to Dana Point Harbor for a nice view of the sun dipping into the Pacific. I'd attach a picture, but I don't own a camera (Luddite again).

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