Sunday, January 14, 2007

Toast (again), Dirtbags, and soggy bottoms...

So it has been a few days since i've posted so here is the run down. I've been busy preparing presentation materials for a program review i have in Washington, D.C. in early February. Lots of fun sitting in a room with the four other grad. students that work on the project with me trying to condense our work into some thing that is "presentable" and tells a decent story.

Speaking of presentable, the memorial service for Fritz was yesterday afternoon. All in all it was a really nice service for the family with friends of Fritz relating stories from their past. I think everyone left feeling blessed that they knew Fritz and many of us wishing that we had spent a little more time with him. Back to the presentable comment, Most of you know that vanity is not one of my vices and have probably never seen me wearing proper dress attire. Ms. Pace accompanied me to the services and said that I was looking "very handsome", a nice compliment. While at the service, I had at least 4 other people say "wow, you polish up nicely", read between the lines and you get "wow, you're not dressed like a dirtbag". I love backhanded compliments, they are so full of truth it is not even funny.

Riding the past few days has been interesting with the temps at a steady 36F accompanied by rain and mist. Despite the weather we had several people show up for the group rides. Ms. Cole accompanied me to Gifford after splitting off from C-Bach and Dieter from sprockets. I came across an interesting fact while at the Casey's in Gifford. Apparently they make crackers that taste like toast. I think it is important that these crackers are "toast flavored" and not "toasted crackers" this means that they had to formulate a toast flavor and add it to the crackers. Fucking odd.

In other toast related fun, next time you are bored (or drunk) and at the food store, as the service counter to direct you to the "toast" it will usually take a min. or so for them to realize that they don't sell toast but they do have bread. However, do not attempt this while at the Bashas in Sedona, AZ. THey have "toast" listed on one of the aisles. Apparently this refers to miniature sliced loaves of bread (also know as cocktail bread), and does not qualify as toast in my book.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the comments about you polishing up nice aren't so much "wow you don't look like a dirtbag" as "damn stud, lets get these pants off"

Old Balls Kimberley said...

Yeah, seeing as several of those comments came from men I'm guessing that was not really the direction that they were going. Also, Fritz was a pretty laid back guy, but I think he might take exception to me "hangin out" at his memorial service.

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