Thursday, January 11, 2007


So Craig commented that the weather forecast called for strong winds today, and we got them bigtime. I got back from my two hour jaunt to Sadorus and the current conditions were winds from the SSW 26MPh gusting to 35MPH. Sounds like fun. Fortunately it was pretty warm (above freezing) so it was actually a pretty comfortable rides (aside from the fact that I was in my 25t going 12MPH for a good amount of the ride). It looks like the next few days are going to be wet and near freezing which may lead to some roller derby action.

A side note is that Sadorus is a quaint farming community of 450 residents and is the home of the Sea History Museum. A quick look at a map of of the United States shows that having a Sea Museum in central Illinois makes about as much sense as having a "Ham and Cheese Sandwich" museum in Jerusalem.


Illini Bicycle Racing Club said...


That's good.

amioryx said...

a completely random note: there's a new band playing for the first time at a school party (like those old high school dances but with alcohol). There's a lot of hazing initiation whatever ... and then the band tops it off by singing a song in the nude ... on stage, in front of the entire crowd. Then everyone swing dances.

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