Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Uninvited Guests...

4:30 AM I awake to a dull thud followed by some scratching noises. Half asleep it takes me a moment to determine that there is an animal somewhere in my apartment. Sitting quietly in bed it determine that thankfully it in not in my bedroom. While putting on some serious clothing to protect my self from the beast, i try to figure out just what I'm gonna have to deal with when I open my door. Raccoon down the chimney? Another Bat? My best guess is that is is a squirrel that has either gotten in the vent for my bathroom fan or somehow managed to get into one of the interior walls between my room and the bathroom. The the time I have prepared for battle the ruckus has stopped, which is almost worse as now I have no idea where this thing is. I carefully poke around the apartment and find nothing. Totally bizarre. Thankfully it found its way out so that I didn't need to call animal control to come but open a wall in the middle of the nite.

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Anonymous said...

Nah, it was probably one of those hundreds and hundreds of women who are desperately trying to get to you.

I'd watch out, she's probably hiding in your pantry ready to jump your bones.

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